Tuesday, 9 October 2018

How to make a paper briquette, free fire logs!

Part of daily life in the modern world is receiving junk through your letterbox, from free local newspapers to sales leaflets.

But you can recycle this waste into something useful.

If you have young children they will love the messy play whilst helping you make free paper briquettes or logs for your fire! 😉

You can view the video I made showing the process here;

The process is simple, you start by shredding or tearing the the paper and soaking in a bucket of water until its completely saturated.

A paddle mixer and a drill help speed up getting the paper into same consistency as paper mache, its not necessary just more fun! 

Once you have made your paper mache mix simply scoop it out and if you have a briquette press fill it and compress to remove as much water as possible, if you don't have a press just squeeze it and form into block shapes by hand

Leave the bricks to dry for a couple of days or if the weather is poor store indoors where its warm and dry like an airing cupboard for about a week to fully dry out. 

Once dry simply start a fire as you normally would with appropriate tinder and kindling and add your free  recycled paper fire logs

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  1. Nice one buddy remember watching this on the tube Collwyn here from Sperrin Outdoors checking out your site looks well

  2. Hi Collwyn, thanks for stopping by sir much appreciated!

    Take care buddy


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