Monday, 5 November 2018

Principles of Fire

You've got your shelter from the elements made, and hopefully there's a nearby water source

But to keep yourself warm, to cook and to purify that water you're going to need a fire
In order to get fire you need three things;

1. Oxygen - luckily this is all around us so you've got that covered

2. Fuel - dry combustible material, again nature has your back here as there are many natural tinders all you have to do is know what ones are common where you live

3. Heat - this can be generated by friction when you rapidly move two objects together, focusing sunlight with a lens or a spark from a fire steel etc etc

Ideally you should practise as many different ways of starting a fire as you can because when you're in an emergency situation you don't know what materials you'll have at hand to work with but a good place to start is a ferrocerium rod

These readily give showers of sparks at 3000°C that will ignite suitable tinder with ease and they're able to work in extreme conditions

So get out there and practice its great fun and it could save you life one day

Take care

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