Saturday, 17 November 2018

Time to Act

How we perceive time is relevant, when we're children time seems to pass so slowly, school will never end and car journeys last forever!

Once we're adults and we start families of our own time seems to speed up as we watch our children grow and see our parents and grandparents age

Often you will hear elderly people talk about how fast time has passed by in the blink of an eye, how the world is almost unrecognisable

This may be because when we have all our lives in front of us we don't feel it's constraints and feel free to do as we please, as our time becomes more limited it focuses us on tasks at hand

Complacency like this is perfectly fine and natural in children, after all mum and dad will fix everything and make it alright

But if we're not properly equipped with the skills, equipment and supplies, when it goes wrong we may not be able to make amends...

So stop putting things off until tomorrow, and start preparing and practicing today, to help you beat whatever tomorrow may bring

Take care


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